Time Flies–the last eleven weeks

June sunset by Christopher Teren

Sheesh. Had no idea it’s been this long. Thought I just had to review June. Who can remember what happened in May let alone the last two weeks of April? Hope I took some good pictures. Maybe I was just waiting for something interesting to happen. Very little did. The weather has been lousy (although we did have some nice wildflowers this Spring) Covid hit the island hard in May but has abated some. I will look to my journal for some highlights.

chocolate lilies at American Camp

April 16th, the last day I posted, we went to a Roger McGuinn concert. April 20th, friend Liz from Seattle visits–nice hikes around island. May 6th, sister-in-law Lil and her sister Paula visit. Very fun showing off the island. Lots of zoom meetings in between. Birthday zoom as well and then out for pizza. working on cottage and started tapestry and regular walks with friends with dogs. big windstorm on May 18th. May 24th, an 18 year old shot up an elementary school in Texas. (it’s all bad news after that).

June. Spending a lot of time with Transition San Juan Waste Reduction Team. Hosted a booth at the Farmers Market, posted on Facebook for “Plastic Free July”. Wrote emails, attended Port meeting and many Zoom meetings. Made more beeswax wraps with Tina.

Art Studio Tour Weekend–Went to four studios of friends, mostly. Bought some pottery. Bought new tires in Anacortes, new gutters for the cottage, streamed a lot of shows. January 6th committee begins hearings. Three little chicks are hatched, two survive. More rain and wind storms come through. Grass grows tall but nothing else is growing, no pears at all this year, fewer apples, everything two or three weeks behind.

June 14th. The Sun comes out. Book club is so excited they insisit on an in-person meeting outside on my deck. First in-person meeting in a year? June 17th, Willow Basket teacher, Maria Bullock arrives from Orcas to teach class on Grange deck. She stays in cottage. Basket class a success. June 20th–Summer arrives-finally! June 24th, Roe v Wade overturned. June 25th, long-time Metro friends Nancy and Mary arrive. Fun ensues. We go to Orcas for the day on 27th.

Meanwhile, Roger busy with tons of Grange stuff including blackening cedar and making and teaching how to make biochar. Also, mowing, mowing, mowing.

Cedar blackened for use as planter box

See? Very little happened.

2 thoughts on “Time Flies–the last eleven weeks

  1. I read it! Time flies when you’re amused.I DID notice because I’m the kind who does notice these things that you replaced June with May in the last paragraph. There she goes, that Liz, focused on silly details like dates…..And nothing has happened in my life either since I was there visiting you on SJ.LizP.S. I’m awake at this hour because the cat at my cousin Andy’s house scratched at the bedroom door and woke me up. Andy is Fred’s (who we visited in Kansas City) son who lives with his wife on a horse farm south of Olympia. I’m visiting him for first time in three years.Sent from my Galaxy

    • Up early, aren’t you? Jeannette already caught that mistake and I corrected the month. But, of course, people who receive by email are not going to see the corrections.

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