July Comet

Neowise comet photo by Paul Walsh

Beautiful space dust or portent of doom?

Neowise or neonotsowise?

A July without the parade on the Fourth and pigging out at the Pig War picnic was—quiet.  Watched some fireworks from my bathroom balcony, but they were four miles away in Friday Harbor—so not as impressive as last year’s from the deck of the Grange. I did manage to see the comet one night.

Let there be light

Work on the cottage continues and this month we opened it up with a window and a skylight.  Too bad there are no guests to appreciate the change.  But our Covid-19 count went up dramatically (from 19 to 26) after the tourists started coming.  The County Health Department is pulling back on the application to go to Phase 3. So we’ve asked our friends to wait awhile longer before visiting.

Maggie Mae, pre-haircut

The dog days of summer continue:  Suki and Maggie bashed into my bad knee on the 7th and I’m still limping a little.  Maggie got her first “real” haircut since the lockdown in March—it’s a short summer do.  She’s made some new friends with Jack the poodle and had a playdate with Freya and goldendoodle Piper.  Suki remains her BFF. And the 22nd marks her first anniversary with us-whew!  What a year it’s been.


Lots of Zooming, visiting with folks six feet apart on the deck, video-chats and phone calls, our first book club in person outside. Connecting with people as best we can.  The tyranny of the harvest continues with raspberries, fava beans, garlic, collards all being harvested.  The Japanese plums are next.

Bree introduces twins to aunties

And for me, the important news is that Francie and I have started populating the Forest Path at the Roche Harbor Sculpture Garden with our art(?) We’ve even convinced some friends to help us.  Inspired by each other and our Pinterest Boards, we’ve come up with lots of ideas and will probably spend the rest of the summer and most of the Fall decorating the woods.

Meanwhile, Roger is doing some landscaping, planting Fall vegetable crops, helping with the Grange remodeled kitchen, and zooming on several agriculture-related committees.  Oh, and Farmers Market every week, selling eggs to friends and neighbors and did I mention the new skylight?

What we are trying not to do is too much doomscrolling, being around crowds in town, or obsessing over the state of democracy in the U.S.  Breathe in, Breathe out.

Piper, Maggie, and Freya in the dog days of summer