Orange you glad it’s November

In September I talked about an orange light from the California wildfire smoke. But November really has it going when it comes to orange.

Even my dog got into the act.

In other news, I saw a great horned owl over my driveway and I made an owl for the Sculpture Garden at Roche Harbor. See if you can tell the difference.

Sitting on Top of the World

Sitting on Top of the World

May is my birthday month and it has been glorious.  The weather, the flowers, the fun–all has come together this month.

Got my first two sets of visitors the first week and have been going full blast since then.  Today, May 23rd, is the first day I feel the pace has slacked off a bit.


Marc & Nancy visit us on Mothers Day Weekend. We show them Mt. Grant

Marc & Nancy visit us on Mothers Day Weekend. We show them Mt. Grant

Thornbush has had a lot of bird visitors also this month.  Including a couple barred owls who decided to take a dust bath in our road one afternoon.

owls on road

My birthday week included these owls as well as dinner out with good friends at our local Sushi Bar and the next night at the Pub and the next night at the Wine Bar.  This overabundance of eating out was due to my hosting two willow basket teachers at Thornbush over the weekend.  Katherine Lewis, renowned willow basket maker from Dunbar Gardens in the Skagit Valley came over to teach a class for the Textile Guild and she brought an assistant, Maria, from Orcas Island.

IMG_2389 (2)

Maria giving some encouragement to me as I “fitch” my basket.

The fun continued on into the next week with a trip to Anacortes with friends for a pedicure and lunch at Anthony’s and another lunch at Roche two days later.  Then it was time for Roger and me to get serious about our willow and alder demonstration at the National Park’s “bio-blitz”.  We were just a side attraction.  The main purpose of the blitz is to take inventory of plants and animals.  But we dutifully loaded up the truck with material and set up under a huge juniper tree for the day. link to bioblitz info

Yesterday I walked up Mt. Finlayson with Elizabeth for the first time since the new road opened.  Another beautiful day, we saw fox and deer and at the tail end of our walk, this eagle called out for our attention:


click on picture to make bigger

Yes, it’s been quite a month.  And there’s still a week until Memorial Day!