I went to the desert in February

this is what it looked like

My friends Diane and Craig live in Palm Springs half the year and I decided February was a good time to see what it was all about. And yes, I took Covid Rapid tests going and returning. And yes, we wore masks when we were inside. Diane took me to Moorten Botanical Garden to check out the desert flora.

I arrived in time for a birthday celebration in the secret room of the Tonga Hut

We decorated golf cars for a Valentine’s Parade around the Community Center where they live. First prize went to the Tiki Car and 2nd to the Queens of Hearts.

They took me lots of places including a Farmers Market, a Vintage Market, nice restaurants. But my favorite day was when we went to Joshua Tree National Park.

Thank-you Diane and Craig for a wonderful sampling of your desert life. It felt good to get out of the rain.

6 thoughts on “I went to the desert in February

  1. Love a desert get away in January/February. We hope to enjoy that again next year! Joshua Tree is the best! See you in a month or so!

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