2021 Wrap Up

Warm Wishes from Roger, Anita and Maggie Mae

Strange year (again).  Roller-coaster of believing Covid-19 was behind us and finding out that was not the case.  We were vaccinated in January and February, actually travelled a bit in May to visit with family.  We spent much of the year working on the cottage and milled and put up all the siding on the cottage addition, had it painted and tiled. And then we boostered again in Dec.

family gathering in Winthrop

One highlight for me was my 50th High School gathering in September.  Roger focused on building a new kiln to replace our “turbo-burn” which heated out house for the first 18 years of the 20 that we have lived here.  We had some good visits with kids and grandkids.  And of course, Maggie Mae played a big part of our mental health in dealing with lockdown and social isolation.  In August, she and I participated in a dog show, one of a few outdoor activities that we felt safe enough to participate in.

The beauty of the island and of Thornbush in particular is a blessing and a comfort in good times and bad.

We have plans for an active, productive, and more social 2022. Be safe and well, everyone!

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