Finally . . .

I can see clearly now
My brother does his blog post in Word first and imports it. I can understand why. Every time I work on this page it changes in appearance. I’ve written captions for all of these pictures at least four times and sometimes they appear and sometimes they are gone. I have no idea what this post will look like when you open it. I usually recommend opening it in your browser, but it may be more readable as an e-mail at this point. But even without the captions, I think you get the picture. Spring has definitely sprung and we have begun doing things, going on walks, working on the cottage bathroom remodel, selling more eggs. And I finished my tempestry scarf. It will be displayed in LaConnor at the Quilt and Fiber Museum along with the rest of the Tempestry Project wall-hangings that my Textile Guild is presenting from May through July.

3 thoughts on “Finally . . .

  1. Me too, about the dog in the meadow……:-) so not your’s. And….you don’t need captions since the photos are self-explanatory and gorgeous…… Love the pictures…..So “Spring”!

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