Restful November

This posting is delayed in part due to our being without the Internet for most of this week.  We now have a working (!) outside antenna on the roof for our router and are back in business.  Roger just about broke his crown getting down from the roof where he placed it but that’s another story.

That’s not the only SNAFU this month.  Our oven broke.  More specifically, our oven door broke off.  Right before Thanksgiving.  With a turkey already ordered from the Co-op.  And since we didn’t pick it up right away, it came defrosted.  Roger managed to cook a 20 lb. turkey on the propane grill.  But we had already been invited to my sister’s so now we have a freezer full of turkey.

But I digress.  I should start at the beginning of the month.   Just before my last treatment I went to a retreat for San Juan County Textile Guild in Bellingham.  I had a very nice time and took a couple great workshops:  origami lights on a branch and bio-dyeing scarves.  Here is the light branch .


I stayed with a friend on the mainland who took me to my last treatment and then to lunch at the Farmhouse Restaurant.  Now I’m done and recovering.  (applause)

Since then I’ve been trying to make up for a lost month but am hampered by being very tired.  The third week after my treatment seemed to be the worst for me.  Roger and I had gone to Seattle for a whirlwind weekend and were followed back to the island by Bjorn and family for a fun couple days followed immediately by Thanksgiving.  This was the week I needed several naps a day.

Roger’s birthday celebration was low-key.  Dinner out with friends.  Should be a poem in there somewhere:  Roger and Anita  went to Mi Casita  turning 63  gotta be low-key  (something like that)

Audrey helping pick medlar




Laid back Thanksgiving

So, yes, in-between turkey troubles, oven failures, and connectivity issues, it has been restful here at Thornbush.


Friendly Neighbors

just what I needed.





4 thoughts on “Restful November

  1. Glad I got to join you for a wee bit of your restful November. I love your origami light branch. Take it easy Anita… Be sure to get your vitamins B, N, and R… Baths, Naps, and Reading…

  2. Hey Anita,

    Glad to hear you are done with treatment and taking time for yourself to rest, good job! Sorry to hear about the oven door, so strange it just fell off!

    Your origami lights are really pretty, nice job👌🏻

    Looking forward to seeing you and Laura in February! In the meantime, happy holidays to you and yours, Tori & boys

    P.S. Your alpaca photo was cute! PS. We get to see you twice next year, we’re RV’ing to the PNW & SJI next Summer😘

    Tori Benz-Hillstrom 16325 W Sheila Ln Goodyear AZ 85395

  3. Congratulations on finishing up your treatments. They can be fatiguing and I totally agree that parts of like get put on hold during the entire ordeal. So sorry about the timing with you oven, just what you need in the midst of your treatments and holidays. I always enjoy your Thornbush postings. Such a treat to stay connected to your lives in the islands. Happy New Year!

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