Fall, flying, and fog

this oneI finished my picnic backpack!  And just in time to show it off at the SJ Textile Guild Quarterly Meeting on Oct 6th.  It was a bit tricky as I ran out of willow from the class and had to use some from my own stash.  But I think they blended well enough.

Right after the meeting I ran over to the Fairgrounds to participate in the 8th Annual Farm Parade.  You’ll note I am wearing an authentic Francie Hansen original sweater dress.  This particular dress is made of two of my own sweaters that I donated.  The green one was one my mom won in a church raffle back in the early 60’s.

banner holder

farm parade trailerHooray for the Farm Parade!  Our friend Barry helped again this year with the Thornbush entry and as a photographer.

The following week I started my daily radiation therapy regimen in Sedro-Wooley at their Cancer Care Center.    Sedro Wooley is a small town just east of Burlington on Hwy 20.  It is about 40 minutes from the Anacortes Ferry Terminal.  But a trip to and from takes about 8 hours by car, due to the long interlude between trips to Friday Harbor.

Fortunately, I was able to hook up with the San Juan Eagles, an organization of pilots from the island who have been flying patients to oncology appointments since 2002.

john geyman plane

Dr Geyman and his plane

The weather the first 18 days of October was fabulous. I got to fly four times with various pilots and the views were gorgeous. Fell in love with the place all over again.

One Sweet man even flew me over my own property so I could take pictures.

But then, the fog rolled in.  Back to the ferry, back to eight hour trips.

20181019_160349_HDRWhy, it’s like having a job again.

The treatments don’t hurt but I do get sore and they say I will get very tired by the end.  Nine more trips to go.  And maybe the fog will lift and I’ll fly some more.


One thought on “Fall, flying, and fog

  1. As always, I so enjoy your posts. How awesome of that group of pilots. Sorry you’re having to do radiation, but super glad you’re on countdown. Hugs to you and Roger.

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